Q Alpha, Inc.

Q ALPHA is a leading information technology solutions firm providing consulting and custom software development in proprietary, open system and heterogeneous environments.

Our business and organizational information technology consulting services range from needs assessment to full life cycle system development. Q Alpha will analyze existing processes and recommend actionable strategies to optimize the utilization of your internal resources and foster growth.

Often the technological solutions that an organization seeks are not contained in off-the-shelf products. If you require custom database systems, rapidly developed prototypes for feasibility studies, or, full life cycle development services, Q Alpha will exceed your expectations.

Many organizations operate legacy systems that are no longer readily supported. Personnel turnover and lack of system documentation often cause problems that adversely affect the fluidity of business processes. We can assist you with determining if integration or migration will better suit your needs.


A critical component of the successful implementation of any technological solution is thorough training. If you require customized courses for your proprietary system, or, application training for off-the-shelf products, we will provide on site training, or, produce custom training materials to meet your needs.


If you are creating a new business, or expanding your existing network, we can assist you in employing the appropriate methodologies in a cost effective manner. By evaluating your current needs and anticipated growth model we can assist in implementing a system that will readily scale with your growing organization.